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Why Neurella?

What sets Neurella apart from the competition?

With real-world experience and knowledge from our specialized Neurella team, each component of Neurella is not only time-tested but clinically studied. Neurella is NOT an off-the-shelf, amateur, first-stab compilation of randomly chosen substances at random doses.


What you see is what you get. No hiding how much of which ingredient you are putting in your body. All other leading and popular blends (or ‘stacks’) might list a few ingredients with the actual milligram amount. But then you’ll see several ingredients listed by name under “Proprietary Blend”, which basically means, “this is our secret formula that we are afraid you will go out and copy it”. Then you’ll see the TOTAL milligrams of the blend but you’ll have NO way to determine which component is MOST abundant, then what’s left of the amounts of all the others bundled together in the group.

The Number of Quality Ingredients

This number of quality ingredients is rarely seen in one nootropic stack. And when you DO see a dozen or more substances packed into ONE stack, they don’t deliver a significant enough amount of each individual ingredient to make a REAL difference.

Real-world Experience and Knowledge

The real-world experience and knowledge of our medical team that developed Neurella means that each component of Neurella is not only time-tested but clinically successful in the realm of actually addressing brain dysfunction. Neurella is NOT an off-the-street, off-the-shelf, amateur, first-stab compilation of randomly chosen substances at random doses.

The Neurella Team of Brain Experts

The team of brain experts who contributed to formulating Neurella includes neurologists, psychiatrists, neuro-psychiatrists, exercise physiologists, neuropsychologists, herbalist and acupuncture-trained medical doctors and memory experts.

The Scientific Reviews Are Conclusive

The dosages of Neurella’s 12 ingredients are significant enough to actually deliver the effect demonstrated in countless scientific reviews. Too often, competing brain stacks or nootropic blends rely on simply putting in a trivial amount of some popular, recognizable substance. This leads less-informed consumers to presume that if the supplement contains a given ingredient, then it must be delivering an appropriate amount. Neurella DOES NOT hide behind a shroud of “Proprietary Blend” which obscures and confuses any attempt to compare ‘apples to apples’.

Multi-faceted Ingredients

Multi-functionality means that one ingredient does more than one job. Each ingredient in Neurella was chosen in part for its well-researched, multiple functions. For example, Curcumin (C3 Brand) has a long and well-established history of the following properties: anti-oxidant (fights free-radicals that damage DNA and many other tissues); anti-inflammatory (inflammation creates a chemical fog or even smog which may slow brain function); anti-cancer (regulates genes that promote cancer cell production); anti-dementia (mainly through the above anti-oxidant/inflammatory mechanisms); blood glucose regulation (helps reduce onset or worsening of the high serum sugar found in diabetes); supports immune function in ways other than anti-inflammation. Learn More About Our Ingredients

Eliminates Brain Fog

Although Brain Fog is not an official medical term, many people complain about Brain Fog to their healthcare professional. Even some doctors use Brain Fog as a shorthand, simple term to convey a long list of contributing factors such as stress, inflammation, oxidation, high sugar, anxiety, depression, low energy, vitamin deficiency and general metabolic derangement or inefficiency. Whether through poor diet or lifestyle or bad genes or old age, when debris is created faster than the body can clear it away, those toxins build up in our system and slow down our ability to process, think clearly and achieve our goals.

Protects the Brain

The known causes of dementia are addressed by the ingredients found in Neurella.

American Quality

Through our core principles of quality, integrity and transparency, we emphasize the fact that our product is made in America; without any cheap shortcuts; and is not a proprietary blend. Made in America, quality assurance, good manufacturing practices and 4 of the 12 ingredients are themselves patented.

Brain Supplement

Supplement means just that! Neurella is not intended to be a replacement for a good diet or to be used like a 5-hour energy shot after not sleeping well. The way Neurella works is by ‘filling in the gaps’ found in most people’s overall lifestyle. Many of the components in Neurella function as adaptogens, reducing the effects of stress on our various body and brain systems. Most people can’t simply forage for broad, sufficient sources of herbals, botanicals, vitamins and other co-factors or building blocks used by our bodies to make metabolic and energy-production systems run smoothly. That’s why we supplement our dietary regimen with nutraceuticals or nature concentrated, brain-boosting foods.