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What is a nootropic?

Pronounced either No-oh-TROP-ick or NEW-oh-tropic, the word was coined by scientists in the early 1970’s. Also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, nootropics cover the spectrum from prescription medication to herbal, botanical, vitamin or other supplements, typically formulated into blends called ‘stacks’.

What is Neurella?

Neurella is a premium brain supplement designed to be a balanced fuel that optimizes your brain function. Formulated by a team of experienced clinicians working in the brain-health and well-being space, Neurella is comprised of 12 natural ingredients that work at various levels of brain function. Herbal, botanical, vitamin, extract and other neurobiologically active molecules (such as CoQ10) have been combined at effective doses and based on thousands of years of wisdom and decades of scientific investigation. Like an umbrella to protect your brain from the elements or like an internal helmet protecting your brain from the inside out, the components found in Neurella have each been shown to protect, enhance or balance 1 or more aspect of normal, healthy brain activity.

How does Neurella work?

Neurella works by many (perhaps up to 50!) different pathways, not all of which you would be expected to actually feel or be immediately aware of.

What does Neurella feel like?

Some people have described having greater clarity of the mind, a calm but energized mindfulness, improved mental focus, energy and speed of processing. Others describe how they can handle stress better, how they are able to function more reliably even if they didn’t sleep as well as they would like. But one of the main ‘feelings’ one will experience is the satisfaction and knowledge that you are taking a proactive approach to protecting your brain for the long term, whatever known or unknown injury, damage or disease may occur.

How fast will I notice the effects of Neurella?

Generally, those taking Neurella have reported starting to feel the benefits after 3-7 days at the suggested amount of 2 capsules twice a day. Most have reported an effect by 10-14 days with some reporting peak benefits after 1-2 months. That said, Neurella is also designed to address the broader spectrum of brain health with regard to ‘standing at the ready’ in case damage or injury occurs. In other words, taking your daily Neurella is a kind of insurance policy or internal helmet that addresses oxidative stress (think of this as corrosion or rust inside the brain), energy production during sudden demand, or weathering the storm of an unexpected brain-health event such as a concussion. Having multiple natural substances on board addressing so many different ways the brain functions feels like the right thing to do.

How do I take Neurella?

As is recommended on the label, if someone wants to ease into taking a new supplement with the potential to boost brain function, the serving size is 2 capsules, best taken with a meal in the morning. If you or someone you know is actively struggling with a brain-health related condition, the full serving of 2 capsules is best taken TWICE a day, with the second serving taken mid-day to early afternoon–again, with food if possible.

What other supplements might I be interested in taking with Neurella?

Depending on your goals, habits, jobs or dietary behaviors, many brain health enthusiasts (some call themselves ‘biohackers’ or ‘brainhackers’) who have spoken with us have reported also taking Omega-3 supplements, medium chain triglycerides, phosphatidyl serine or added choline. If more interested in short-term, pure energy boosting, many biohackers will also take caffeine, L-theanine or L-tyrosine. Branched chain amino acids, D-ribose and acetyl-choline, carnitine are other supplements used to provide fuel to many bodily cell types.

Should I cycle Neurella?

Because Neurella was designed as more than just a daily supplement or fuel source, and also because Neurella doesn’t rely on short-term boosts such as caffeine or L-theanine, the neuroscientists behind Neurella do not advise that ‘cycling’ is necessary in order to reap the rewards Neurella has to offer.