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Case Studies

At age 44, Hank worked full-time as a machinist, then tended the 200 acre hay farm with his wife Julia. When a cut tree limb took a quirky bounce, he was knocked unconcious, suffering severe brain trauma. After 8 years of slow recovery and heavy medication, he never returned to work and still couldn't remember most new information, was depressed, didn't sleep well, and would fly off the handle in fits of rage. His doctor suggested Neurella and after 2 weeks, Julia noticed the positive changes for certain. Four months later, she still marvels at his better energy and mood, his improved sleep, memory and especially his attitude. "I am just so grateful that finally after all these years, a natural product has made such a noticeable difference. I really didn't want to add another drug and I was afraid that he would just keep sliding downhill each year towards dementia. Neurella has truly made a difference."

As a single mom working in graphic design, Jenny had tried many medications to help control her anxiety. She had also tried almost a dozen natural supplements that promised to control anxiety and improve mood, sleep, energy and other symptoms. While still taking her SSRI, she added Neurella on the suggestion of a co-worker. After a week, she knew this supplement blend was different. Her anxiety began fading away, her energy and sleep were better and the brain fog started lifting. At 3 weeks she was totally confident Neurella was working--well enough to gradually reduce her anti-depressant and say 'good-bye' to those side effects. Four months later, she is off all her prescription meds and feels "amazingly great. Like I can handle anything. I can juggle more at work and in my personal life without losing it or running out of steam. I never forget my 4 Neurella capsules each morning because I won't risk feeling stressed out ever again."