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Neurella Vegan Extra Strength Nootropic Supplement

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  • Neurella works by ‘filling in the gaps’ found in most people’s overall lifestyle. Many of Neurella's components function as adaptogens, helping to reduce the effects of stress on our various body and cognitive systems. Most people can’t simply forage for broad, sufficient sources of herbals, botanicals, vitamins and other co-factors or building blocks used by our bodies to make metabolic and energy-production systems run smoothly.


What sets Neurella apart from the competition?

The number of natural and quality ingredients is uncommonly found in one nootropic supplement. Even when a dozen or more substances are packed into one formula, you rarely find significant enough amounts of each individual ingredient designed to help with brain fog and memory loss.


Although not an official medical term, people complain about Brain Fog to their healthcare professional. Many doctors use ‘Brain Fog’ to describe the result of factors such as stress, oxidation, high sugar, anxiety, low energy, vitamin deficiency, poor sleep quality, and general metabolic dysfunction. Whether through poor diet or old age, when debris is created faster than the body can clear it away, those toxins build up in our system and slow down our ability to mentally process over the short and long-term.