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New Enhanced Formulation - Neurella1

Neurella Labs is excited to roll out our new improved formulation after four years of optimizing brain health. Here are the highlights of the ingredient changes resulting from customer feedback, FDA changes, and ongoing research. 

The turmeric root extract curcumin gets a boost with piperine, which mainly helps with better curcumin absorption. Sometimes called piperidine, this black pepper extract has its antioxidant benefits in blocking free radicals from damaging brain cells. 

Due to very few customer reports of digestive issues, the medical team at Neurella Labs decided to reduce Huperzine-A to 100 mcg. The combined effect of this memory booster (that increases the cognitive neurotransmitter Acetyl-Choline) and Cognizin ( a branded choline from Japanese maker Kyowa) still deliver a potent, mental enhancing effect. 

The New Enhance Formulation has also added alpha-lipoic acid (aLA) at 300 mg. This key molecule helps manage glucose metabolism, nerve function, energy production and offers a unique type of antioxidant detoxification. Once considered a vitamin, aLA also boosts immune systems.